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Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

Speech from BPKS



Sabang is a city in the Aceh Province. Sabang is composed by 5 islands with Weh Island as the largest, where the local government is based and where downtown of Sabang is located. Sabang, which is occupied by over 33,000 people is known around the world hundreds of years ago. In the late 19th century, the Government of Dutch East Indies made Weh Island as the main island for logistics and refueling their ship that crosses Malacca Strait. At that time, Sabang was more popular than Singapore.

However, as the ship evolved into a more modern ships, this port eventually lost its popularity and finally was closed at the early 1900. It desolated Sabang up until the Japanese troops came to Weh Island and made this island as their defense port around 1940. The Japanese troops left historical trails in the form of fortresses filled with canons that filled the entire coast line of Weh Island and underground bunkers.

 At the era of Indonesia Government, Sabang Region was again developed as a Free Port for Trading up to this point. Aside from that Sabang is known for its magnificent sceneries that brought domestic and international tourists that reach its peak in the past couple of years, especially those who enjoy Marine Tourism with its beautiful Coral Reefs and the biodiversity, and it became a paradise for divers.

Tourist’s entry to Sabang is not only expected from inland or by air, but also especially from the sea, such us cruise ships, yachts and sail ship. Aside from cruise ships that made Sabang one of their destinations in West Indonesia, Sabang starts to receive yachter, using their own personal yacht. 
In order to increase the number of yachter to Sabang, BPKS has prepared an excellent Marina as a terminal or port for their yacht located in Lhok Weng, Sabang. Promotion is needed so the yachter communities around the world know about Lhok Weng. As an effort to promote the Marina, BPKS with all related institutions such as the Government of Sabang, Provincial Tourism Department and the Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia took an initiative to promote Sabang as a tourist destination to these sailors. 

One of the events to support this initiative is to organize the “Sabang Marine Festival 2017” which will be held on 19-23 April 2017. The moment of this event is viewed to be perfect and in line with the Presidential Order No. 104 2015 regarding Free Visa for tourists coming from 90 countries which include tourists coming by sea with yachts. 

Thus, tourists with yacht will not have to pay an entry visa to enter Indonesia; Instead, they will be given a visa upon entry for a length of 30 days. Aside from that, Presidential Order No. 105 2015 also govern all licensing for yacht to enter Indonesia is made easy, for example CIQP at arrival port is made easy and CAIT (Clearance Approval for Indonesia Territory) and TIP (Temporary Import Permit) is no longer required. This is being finalized in the Ministerial level for the release of the Minister Order to be shared all over Indonesia. 
With the availability of the Marina, issues related to unavailability of Marina, complicated licensing will soon be solved. Also,we hope that in the future, we will receive more and more yachts coming and enjoying the beauty of Sabang for a very long time. 

Chief BPKS 

Fauzi Husin

2 komentar:

  1. Hello and Greetings,
    I have heard so many great things about the festival last year at We. Are you going to hold one this year also? If so I have to put it on my calendar!

    Thank You!
    Mike and Karen Riley
    sv Beau Soleil
    lying Langkawi

    1. For more detail information you may contact our ref in Langkawi
      Mrs. Surin +6017 684 5762.