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Selasa, 23 Februari 2016


Dear sir/madam,

First of all, kindly be informed  this is Sabang Customs Office official email.
We write you this letter concerning yacht temporary admission to Indonesia especially those who use Sabang as entry or exit point.  
As you know Sabang has appointed as one of eighteen location of entry and exit point to Indonesia that given many facilities on customs, immigration, quarantine and etc. Even, on the last government regulation you don’t need Clearance and Approval to Indonesian Territory  (CAIT) document anymore to travel to Indonesia.
However on yacht arrival to Sabang there are some customs clearance should be conducted concerning Sabang status as free trade area and free fort such as declaration of notice of arrival,  inward/outward manifest, temporary admission permit and etc. 
We know the process of customs clearance will take time for you. In order to solve this problem Sabang Customs Office has launched website that facilitate yacht owner/captain to ease the process. On this website you just need to submit  data of your arrival to Sabang that will be used by our officer to prepare all documents needed for customs clearance. When you finally arrive in Sabang you only need to sign the documents and prepare the copy of the documents needed such as passport, ship particular, crew list, etc. Furthermore we will  conduct the customs procedure along with other officer from quarantine, immigration and port authority at one place.

You can visit our website at for free registration.

As reminder for participant of the Sabang Marine Festival which will be held next month please be advised to use this website by filling "Participant of Sabang Marine Festival" on the remark column.

Thank you for your attention and if you have other requirement please feel free to inform us.

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