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Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

About SMF

To increase the flow of International Tourists visiting Indonesia,
this is the time that one of the sectors of Marine Tourism
which is Yacht Tourism becomes a trend and receives the
proper attention from the Government because of its potential
to bring International Tourism and to create opportunities for
investors in the tourism sector.

Expecting to increase tourists visiting Sabang, entry point is
not only by land or air but they can also come via water/sea
such as by cruise ships and yachts. Aside from cruise ships
that made Sabang one of their destinations in West Indonesia,
Sabang starts to receive yachter, using their own personal

BPKS has prepared Marina as a terminal for their yachts,
located at Lhok Weng, Sabang. To promote this Marina, BPKS
with all related institutions such as the Government of Sabang,
Provincial Tourism Department and the Ministry of Tourism
of Republic of Indonesia took the initiative to organize the
“Sabang Marine Festival 2016” which will be held on December
26-30 April 2016.

However, the exitence of this Marina will not be known in the
world of yachts communities if it is not properly communicated
through promotions. Promotions will not only be done through
electronic media, social media, but we will also support this
promotion by organizing an event that will physically bring
sailors to Sabang and to have them enjoyed the beauty of Sabang and the new Marina. In line with this BPKS and as the Government of Sabang, Provincial Tourism Department and
the Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia continue to
promote Sabang Tourism to sailors around the world.

With the availability of the Marina, issues related to
unavailability of Marina, complicated licensing will soon be
solved. Also,we hope that in the future, we will receive more
and more yachts coming and enjoying the beauty of Sabang
for a very long time.

Main purpose of the Sabang Marine Festival is:
a. To introduce the Marine potential and beauty of
Sabang to the International world through the Sabang
Marine Festival.
b. To introduce “Marina Lhok Weng” to the sailor
communities around the world
c. To increase International Tourists visiting Indonesia
d. To increase Foreign Exchange in Indonesia
e. To open new field for worker in the Tourism sector
f. As investment opportunities
g. To make Sabang as a world destination for yachter
h. To accelerate the development of Indonesia’s border

Sabang Marine Festival is initiated by BPKS (Sabang
Development Agency) to increase market value for marine
destination of Sabang for tourists/visitor with special interest
such as yachter/sailor.
This event is initiated from the development of a port for
yachts or Marina that is located in Lhok Weng, Sabang.
This event is supported by all related stakeholdesr in the
development of the Marine Tourism Development such as
The Government of Sabang, Provincial Government of Aceh
and the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia. This event is also
supported by other institutions like The Immigration Office,
Customs, Navy, Quarantine, Sabang Police Department and
other related institutions.

The moment of this event is viewed to be perfect and in line
with the Presidential Order No. 104 2015 regarding Free Visa
for tourists coming from 90 countries and these includes
tourists coming by sea with yachts. Thus, tourists with yacht will not have to pay an entry visa to enter Indonesia; Instead,
they will be given a visa upon entry for a length of 30 days.

Aside from that, Presidential Order No. 105 2015 also govern
all licensing for yacht to enter Indonesia is made easy, for
example CIQP at arrival port is made easy and CAIT (Clearance
Approval for Indonesia Territory) and TIP (Temporary Import
Permit) is no longer required. This is being finalized in the
Ministerial level for the release of the Minister Order to be
shared all over Indonesia.

Sabang Marine Festival 2016 is a test case for all new policies
regarding free visa, and easy licensing and the import law that
has been implemented so far. Aside from the city Customs
Office of Sabang called Piyoh, that will contribute in the
simplicity of the administration system connected to custom
especially for the participants of Sabang Marine Festival.
Once all simplified plans are realized, than Sabang Marine
Festival 2015 will go down in the history book as a success case
of the simplification of administration provided to all marine
tourists to enter, stay and enjoy Indonesia.

Participants of Sabang Marine Festival is expected to arrive
from all over the globe as shown in the table below:
NO Country of Origin
1 Australia
2 France
3 Austria
4 Netherland
5 England
6 New Zealand
7 Malaysia
8 Belgium
9 British Virgin Island
10 Canada
11 United States

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